Exclusive multi-omics offer

DNA is the foundation of all life, and the foundational building block of your multi-omics research! Novogene can help you lay this foundation with our exclusive offer on transcriptomic and epigenomic services.

Get up to 30% off library preparation and sequencing for the following services:

> Eukaryotic mRNA-seq
> Eukaryotic lncRNA-seq
> Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS)
> ChIP-seq

Also get  up to 50% off standard bioinformatic analysis and joint analysis of these services!

To receive a quote, please fill out the form to let us know what service you are interested in and we will be in touch.

Terms & Conditions

1. Limited to following services: eukaryotic mRNA-seq (polyA enrichment), eukaryotic lncRNA-seq, WGBS and ChIP-seq, with 2x150 bp configuration.

2. Eukaryotic mRNA-seq: applies for polyA enrichment libraries for ≥ 24 samples (≥ 6 GB output/sample).

3. Eukaryotic lncRNA sequencing: applies for rRNA depletion & strand specific libraries for ≥ 12 samples (≥ 12 GB output/sample).

4. Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS) service: applies for ≥ 12 samples and minimum genome size of 1Gb (≥ 30 GB output/sample).

5. ChIP-seq service: applies for ≥ 12 samples (~12 GB output/sample). Only purified ChIP DNA samples are accepted.

6. Bioinformatics consultation applies only to projects for which library preparation and sequencing were carried out by Novogene.
Valid for quotes issued by June 15, 2022 in Europe. Institutions with contract pricing are excluded. Promotions are not retroactive and cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. All information provided is subject to change at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply. 
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