A new year marks an opportunity to update our vision board for 2022 and re-evaluate our journey in general. At Novogene, we aim to consistently provide our valued customers like you with better NGS services through dedication and innovation. From library preparation and sequencing to bioinformatics analysis, we strive to continue helping you further explore life sciences with industry-leading data quality and fast turnaround time. 
Happy new year to our best clients! We enter 2022 with renewed expectations and you are at the heart of it all. Steep discounts on a variety of NGS services are now available, don’t miss out!
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  • Applicable if quotation amount ≥ $3000, with samples arrived at the Tianjin Lab by Jan 19th, 2022, or PO received by Jan 31st, 2022.
  • Not applicable with any other promotions.
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